Dr. Ferenc Fedor

Professional Manager, Transgeo Project; Research Fellow, Pécs University

Dr. Ferenc Fedor is a geological engineer, innovator, research fellow of Pécs University, managing director and owner of GEOCHEM Ltd., and expert of CROST NLtd. He has participated in the planning and implementation of several Hungarian geothermal R&D projects as an expert and professional manager, and is currently the Hungarian professional manager of the Transgeo project, which is being implemented in a German-Austrian-Hungarian-Croatian-Slovenian consortium. In this consortium he cooperates with BVH NK Kft. (Mining Property Utilization Nonprofit Ltd.) in promoting the reutilization of the state-owned abandoned wells for geothermal energy production. Together with GEOCHEM Ltd., in cooperation with several other companies, he has built up the laboratory competences necessary for geothermal research in the last 15 years, and helped to understand the process and problems of water reinjection into unconsolidated rocks by developing instruments and methods. As President of AFK, he is one of the founders and professional manager of the Geoenergy Europe metacluster. Author and co-author of 57 scientific publications, mostly in English, and industrial supervisor of PhD students. He holds MSc and PhD degrees in petroleum geology from the Faculty of Mining Engineering, University of Miskolc, and an MBA from the Faculty of Economics, University of Pécs. He is a former chairman of the Geomathematical Section of HGS , Honorary Chamber Counsellor of Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Trade and Industry (PBCTI), member of the Innovation Committee and Innovation Expert of PBCTI, EURGEOL, member of several academic committees, and HMMS, HGS, AAPG, SPWLA, SCA.

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